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We know the complexities of dermatology can be daunting, so we’ve developed a tool to provide you with an instant second opinion. You can compare your diagnosis to our expert AI’s opinion. Triage gives you a list of possible conditions from your photo and helps you think of things you might have missed.

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Developed by dermatologists, powered by AI.

Triage for Practitioners

Triage technology is a unique clinical platform that empowers dermatologists, physicians, and nurses to get an instant second opinion of a patient’s skin condition. Just snap a photo with your smartphone or tablet and submit it. You’ll be able to confirm your diagnosis and ease the concerns of your patients quickly and confidently.

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Triage for Patients

Why continue to be uncertain and anxious about your skin problem when there’s no need to delay identifying it or becoming confused by searching skin conditions online? Triage is a unique tool developed by leading dermatologists and powered by artificial intelligence to help you analyze and identify your skin condition easily and accurately. You’ll receive a list of possible conditions that will enable you to decide quickly and confidently if you should consult your doctor.

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1 in 4
Americans visit a doctor
for a skin problem every year
Begin their health journey
with a web search
Survival rate
of skin cancer if detected early
Conditions and symptoms
supported by Triage’s skin checker

Our mission

Triage’s mission is to bring the unique healthcare benefits of artificial intelligence to patients and practitioners worldwide.

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Our story

Triage was formed by an international group of doctors and scientists on a mission to deliver universal care using artificial intelligence. With the support of world-renowned institutions, Triage has developed breakthrough technology which can detect skin disease using a smartphone.

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Triage supports over 500 skin conditions, including all common ones

We can detect common skin conditions to rare ones – with the snap of a photo. Here are some of the common conditions we support:

Listen to patients and doctors talk about their success with Triage

"I am consistently impressed with how Triage is able to identify so many and such different appearing lesions on the skin. A great tool!"

Dr. Adam Mamelak, MD
Dr. Adam Mamelak, MD
Sanova Dermatology

"I have been involved with the Triage team from the beginning. Having an interest in AI and medicine, I knew an application that could help patients triage their rashes or spots is the future. With a shortage of dermatologists in Canada, Triage will help not only patients but dermatologists as well."

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, MD
Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, MD
Bay Dermatology

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